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The current website is providing exclusive research and photos related to the famous Greek tycoon Aristotelis Onasis. All the content is taken from the personal archives of Dimitris Liberopoulos (journalist - writer) who had been a cordial friend to Onasis and it's family for 17 years.

Webmaster's Editorial:
After my wide variety of reportages, interviews, articles and three books regarding the famous Greek tycoon Aristotelis Onasis, i intend to publish my new book within this webpage. This material includes exclusive personal interviews, confessions, audio recordings, notes and photos referring to Aristotelis Onasis. The Great Smyrnean (as i used to call him, although he was smiling about it) has to become well known based on information deriving from his own phrases while we were spending time drinking ouzo and listening to Smyrnean songs all night long till dawn.

It's time to put an end to the wrong information about Onasis given by imaginative writers, journalists, screenwriters and film directors. I have to do such a thing because i will have to respectfully look at him straight in the eyes, as i used to, when time comes to be together again.

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Date added: 30 Sep 2007
opening ceremony ...see more


Date added: 27 Sep 2007


Date added: 27 Sep 2007
golden & silver Greeks ...see more


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